The Most Advanced Teeth Whitening System on the Market

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Teeth Whitening Company releases a new and improved version of their whitening kit

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona, March 2019 – Snow will be releasing an all-new whitening system as well as other oral care products that will revolutionize the teeth whitening world. Utilizing all-new, sophisticated technology, the new whitening system will offer a greater experience for users with its blue and red-light therapy, wireless charging and cleaning, and smarter system updates that can track progress and tailor whitening sessions to the user. With these new features, user results will improve significantly, and Snow’s system will blow all other at-home whitening kits out of the water.

Snow’s team has brought revolutionary technology, way ahead of its time to its customers with a simple to use, automated system that offers a better approach to customers’ oral hygiene. Users can continue to whiten their teeth like before, but also use the mouthpiece for gum treatments with the red-light therapy setting. Red light serves to stimulate blood circulation and kills bacteria that causes gum disease, preventing receding gum lines and improving gum health. By adding red-light therapy to Snow’s flagship product, users can now expect their whitening results to last much longer from individual sessions.

The new system takes up less space, is wireless, and does the heavy lifting so users do not have to.

With this new technology, Snow’s system will greatly improve the appearance as well as the overall health of users’ teeth and gums. This system will take the at-home teeth whitening experience  to the next level, as it is more efficient and easier to use. The LED mouthpiece is now wireless and can be activated using Gesture Recognition to set which treatment is desired at that time. Through machine learning, the device actually learns what whitening levels are preferred and automatically detects the desired whitening shade. Red-Light therapy is a true game-changer in this system as it stimulates blood flow to gums and improves both receding gum lines and gum sensitivity. It is with this technology that Snow can help to improve the health of teeth and gums and therefore begin to decrease the need for dental visits.

With the release of this new and improved whitening system, Snow will easily surpass other methods of at home teeth whitening.

CEO of Snow, Josh Elizetxe, says “This is not only an engineering feat rarely accomplished, but unheard of in this short of a time period. Our customers deserve the very best and we are honored to deliver them the most advanced system in the world. What comes next will only further support our mission to upend the Oral Care industry.”

Snow is a different kind of teeth whitening company that puts its customers’ satisfaction first. With a doctor-formulated formula that is safe on enamel, Snow uses natural ingredients and never tests on animals. Snow’s patented technology will continue bringing their users guaranteed results much faster than other at home whitening kits.

Snow not only offers their whitening system, but also provides products like lip protectants, activated floss, and desensitizing serums to offer an all-encompassing whitening experience.

One of Snow’s largest priorities, is the people the company reaches.. Snow, as a company, gives back to its community through every whitening system purchased. Each system sold allows Snow to help provide dental care to those in need. Their goal for 2019 is to help 100 thousand kids obtain dental care that they cannot afford.


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